Corporate & Event Imagery

Capturing the message of your Premises, Process, Products & People

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Corporate Messaging

A picture tells a  thousand words...let us share your story through our imagery


Offering unique ways to showcase your product, device or system...either in the studio or in an end-use scenario


Your company is made up of a unique team of people. We specialize in capturing them in the right light. Whether it is a portrait of an Executive, production personnel, logistic specialist or a group team image. 


Every business has a process from the initial concept of a solution to the actual need being fulfilled. It could be anything from raw materials being processed, production part coming off the line or possibly a service being performed.  


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new production line?  Let us capture the unique environment of your business.

Post-Production Services

Through our experience with many software tools, like Photoshop, we ensure your files are adequately processed & prepped for your agency or webmaster.




I began shooting when 19 and working at a Test Lab. I would take the images of the client equipment  for the Agency reports. Over thos 30 years, I've evolved beyond HW Product Imagery to capture  sll aspects of a client's corporate culture...including the products they make. 

Photography as Communication


Everything has a process, even q sunset is a process. I don't make the sunset, I simply enjoy capturing it. I bring that same passion to documenting the unique process involved un making the products you sell.

Sharing Stories


If a picture tells a thousand words, then an image, adequately captured, can save a lot of space on your website and brochures. 

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Step #1 - Situation

Describe what media needs you have at the moment.

Step #2 - Scoping

We will scope & cost-out the most appropriate & efficient  way to fulfill  your imagery needs

Step #3 - Scheduling

This involves setting aside both my time and the personnel within you company for the various photo shoots either to set up products/processes...or to be modeled in a scene. 

Step # 4 - Shooting

Depending on the volume of the need, there may be multiple 2-4 hour shoots.

Step #5 - Post Production

Organizing, editing and profiling the best images for your marketing team and/or 3rd party partners (agencies & webmasters).

Step #5 - Delivery

Final fulfillment can be delivered by DVD or Thumb Drive, but most often via an FTP site, where your team can easily download the project images.